Post your macros

Post your macros

Postby Proteuss » Tue Aug 05, 2008 9:14 am

I use a lot of macros, not everyone will agree with all of them but I find macro's give me at least 10% more effiency in over all time and 15% more effectiveness in arena. Most of the macro's I've written replace 2 or more buttons with a single action, something like cower should be tied to shifting in cat form, etc. Simple I know and most people in this guild will already know how to make their own macro's to accomplish what is below. So I guess this is for the few members who don't experiment with macro's.

Some of these are copied, (so I apologize if you've seen them before) and some I threw together. I'll prefix what I use them for on each one.

Druid: Cat, stealth,pounce, all on one button. (this saves me 2 icons on my action bar, reducing 3 to 1)
/cast [nostance:3] Cat Form(Shapeshift)
/cast [nocombat,stance:3,nostealth]Prowl
/cast [stealth]Pounce

Druid: Heal and use trinkets for big recovery. (The OMG, HEAL button on my action bar) Usually I hit this then either regrowth or, healing touch.
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/use 13
/use 14

Druid: Bear charge Arena. If you have points in Furor you can do this instantly. It charges and stuns the target with three clicks. The reset= target is for charging more than once before bash is finished cooling down. When you change targets the macro resets to charge.
/cast [nostance:1] Dire Bear Form(Shapeshift)
/castsequence reset=target Feral Charge, Bash

Druid: Threat Reduction: Incase you're moonkin or feral dps, this macro will help you reduce threat on 1 target, as resto it doesn't work as well since targeting the boss or mob will be difficult in the middle of all the action. If you're already in cat form this will cower, so you can replace your cower button with this macro.
/cast [nostance:3] Cat Form(Shapeshift)
/cast Cower(Rank 5)

Druid: Cyclone focus, or, set focus and cyclone. This was hugely helpful in arenas when I first started playing, now I use proximo but once in a while I still use this macro for CC. It's also good in raids when you have to sheep, seduce, hunter pet tank, banish... etc. Any CC will work, just substitute your spell in for cyclone. (most of the code was borrowed from another source, you probably have seen this macro in another form)
#showtooltip Cyclone
/clearfocus [modifier:shift]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]; [target=focus,dead]
/clearfocus [target=focus,help]
/cast [target=focus,exists,harm] Cyclone; Cyclone

Druid: Kill totem. Another PVP macro, seems to work selecively, I don't know if the targeting is correct, I'll take any volunteer shaman to help work the bugs out with a few duels.
/tar windfury totem
/tar grounding totem
/tar manatide totem
/tar earthbind totem
/cast Moonfire(Rank 1)

Fishing: Buffing your pole. Adding a buff to a weapon or fishing pole, pretty much the same thing, you use two items and then it's done. One click will take care of it, instead of finding the item in your bags, and then finding the pole... etc..
/use Aquadynamic Fish Attractor
/use Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole

Misc: Sell All Greys in your bag. This one I found on some forum. I know there are mods that automatically handle grey items but I have this instead. I have no idea how it works LOL, I just know it does... The only danger with this macro, IF you click it and you're not at a vendor, it will equip any grey items in your bags, so be careful to click this only at a vendor.
/script for bag = 0,4,1 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag), 1 do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot); if name and string.find(name,"ff9d9d9d") then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("- Selling "; UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end; end;end;

Jewelcrafting: Prospect your ore in one click. Again my goal is to reduce the downtime and increase the playtime, The macro above saves me several minutes at a vendor and this macro does the same when prospecting ore. Single click, and it's prospected, regardless of what ore you have. This macro will not skip to the next bundle of ore in your bags, so if the first bundle is a group of 3 ore, and the next is 20, please swap the ore around so the smallest group is at the bottom of your bags.
/cast prospecting
/use adamantite ore
/use fel iron ore
/use mithril ore
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Re: Post your macros

Postby Siris » Tue Aug 05, 2008 1:58 pm

Macro that binds your mounts to one button and equips the right mount based on your location, flying mount in outland, land mount in old world. Change the mount names to what your mount is called.
/use [flyable,nomounted] Swift Blue Gryphon; [nomounted] Swift White Steed;

Intervenes your target's target.
/cast [nostance:2] Defensive Stance; [help] Intervene; [target=targettarget, help] Intervene

Switches to defensive stance, equips a shield, and casts spell reflect. Ctrl clicking the button re-equips a two handed weapon and sets you in berserker stance. Change weapon/shield names to what your items are called.
/cast [stance:1/3]Defensive Stance
/equip King's Defender
/equip Aldori Legacy Defender
/equip Aldori Legacy Defender
/cast Spell Reflection
/cast [modifier:ctrl] Berserker Stance
/equip [modifier:ctrl] Jin'Rohk, The Great Apocalypse

Increases ground clutter and draw distance to improve WoW's graphics. For higher end machines only.
/console farclip 777
/console horizonfarclip 6226
/console groundeffectdensity 256
/console groundeffectdist 140
/console smallcull 0
/console skycloudlod 3
/console characterambient 0

Returns graphic settings to defaults.
/console groundEffectDensity 16
/console groundEffectDist 1
/console horizonfarclip 1305
/console farclip 177
/console characterAmbient 1
/console smallcull 1
/console skycloudlod 1
/console detailDoodadAlpha 1
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Re: Post your macros

Postby Aereal » Tue Aug 05, 2008 5:21 pm

Just an FYI Siris, but Blizzard's UI now does the intervene automaticly.
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Re: Post your macros

Postby Halleck » Tue Aug 05, 2008 5:23 pm

A couple of mine may be similar to Siris's, but here goes, nonetheless.

Uses Mortal Strike, or at the very least starts up white attacks (if you don't have the rage for MS) and equips my two-hander and DPS ranged weapon/ammo if you're not in Defensive Stance. Mainly used to change weapons back from a shield after Spell Reflecting in PvP.
#showtooltip Mortal Strike
/cast Mortal Strike
/stopmacro [equipped:Two-hand][stance:2]
/equip Jin'rohk, The Great Apocalypse
/equip Ancient Amani Longbow
/equip Timeless Arrow

Puts on a shield and tanking ranged weapon/ammo and casts Spell Reflection, changing to Defensive Stance if needed. Mainly used to keep myself alive in PvP, if only for the shield and stance without the reflect.
#showtooltip Spell Reflection
/cast [equipped:Shields,stance:1/2]Spell Reflection; [equipped:Shields,stance:3]Defensive Stance
/stopmacro [equipped:Shields]
/equip The Unbreakable Will
/equip Kaz'rogal's
/equip Rifle of the Stoic
/equip Timeless Shell

Since I use macros for every single ability (literally...), this Taunts from Defensive Stance, Charges (if not in combat) from Battle Stance, uses Mocking Blow if in combat from Battle Stance, and Intercepts from Berserker Stance. The rest of the macro is mainly for tanking, but it works all around: From any stance, when I press this button, it will cancel Blessing of Protection, and from Defensive Stance, it will cancel Salvation/Greater Salvation.
/cast [nocombat,stance:1] Charge; [combat,stance:1] Mocking Blow; [stance:2] Taunt; [stance:3] Intercept;
/cancelaura Blessing of Protection
/cancelaura [stance:2] Blessing of Salvation
/cancelaura [stance:2] Greater Blessing of Salvation

Normal Press from Defensive Stance: Intervene a friendly target or my target's target. Normal Press from Battle/Berserker Stance: Execute. Alt-Press: Slam. Ctrl-Press: Victory Rush (or change stances if in Defensive Stance so I can then use Victory Rush).
/cast [mod:Ctrl,stance:1/3]Victory Rush;[mod:Ctrl,stance:2]Berserker Stance;[mod:Alt]Slam;[stance:1/3]Execute;[stance:2]Intervene;[stance:2,target=targettarget,help]Intervene;

Uses Devastate on my focus if it's an enemy (useful for at least getting initial aggro on a couple mobs), or Intervenes my focus if it's friendly. Shift-pressing the button makes the target my focus.
/focus [modifier:shift]
/cast [target=focus,harm,nodead,nomodifier] Devastate; [target=focus,help,nomodifier] Intervene

I'll spare you from the rest of the even less useful macros I use (or the exact repeats of Siris's).
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Re: Post your macros

Postby Ayortha » Tue Aug 05, 2008 6:53 pm

Halleck, you make/find crazy macros. Do you have any good source for warrior/tanking ones? I'm switchin my main from Zill to my warrior I think.


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Re: Post your macros

Postby Debbier » Tue Aug 05, 2008 6:54 pm

I call this my "Travel" macro. Depending on what modifier I use (ctrl, alt, no modifier) it will do different functions.
/castrandom [mod:alt] Cenarion War Hippogryph
/cast [mod:ctrl] Hearthstone;
/castrandom Reins of the Silver War Talbuk, Reins of the Raven Lord, Swift Brown Steed

Halleck helped me with this one, but it basically uses a trinket everytime I cast renew (simple) but also removes the error message and sound if the cooldown on the trinket is not up.
#showtooltip Renew
/run sfV=GetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX")
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/use 14
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/cast Renew
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX",sfV)

Another one Mr. Halleck helped me with, but cast seqences for my Shaman's Totems
/castsequence reset=8 Strength of Earth Totem, Grace of Air Totem, Mana Spring Totem

And this one is for my paladin, to let me use my "taunt" button on a mob without having to follow the paladin function of taunting on the actual player.
#showtooltip Righteous Defense
/cast [help][target=targettarget,help] Righteous Defense

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Re: Post your macros

Postby Bloodgaze » Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:11 am

Here are some of mine. They may seem trivial but they help me tremendously.

I use this one for using health pots and health stones while tanking:
/use Super Healing Potion
/use Master Healthstone
/cast Dire Bear Form

I use this one for when I need to GTFO and there is a huntard or whatnot chain snaring me:
#showtooltip Travel Form
/cast Travel Form

This one is for power shifting to take full advantage of Furor:
#showtooltip Cat Form
/cast Cat Form

I use the following macros on Gorefiend in BT. It allows you to set the ghost commands to whatever buttons you want before the fight and if you have a custom UI makes your life 1000% easier since your bars don't automatically switch for you. Note: these will appear to be broken macro's until you are actually a ghost and can cast those spells:

/cast Spirit Chains

/cast Spirit Lance

/cast Spirit Volley
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Re: Post your macros

Postby Proteuss » Wed Aug 06, 2008 10:59 am

A few more warrior macro's (common ones)

Charge/intercept: Regardless of current stance or combat situation. Found this the most useful macro I have on my warrior.
/cast [nocombat,stance:1] Charge; [combat,nostance:3] Berserker Stance; [nocombat,nostance:1] Battle Stance; [combat,stance:3] Intercept

Ganked while fishing? Ok, this happens to me all the time on Balnazzar, so I made a macro to make me combat capable. You can add part of the above macro to intercept if you want, depending on range.
/equip [combat]Stormherald
/equip [nocombat]Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole
/cast [nocombat] Fishing;[combat,nostance:3] Berserker Stance; [combat,stance:3] Intercept

Overpower Rogue Combat: So I'm fighting a rogue and they hit evasion. I start mashing the crap out of this one.
/cast [combat,stance:1] Overpower; [combat,nostance:1] Battle Stance; [nocombat,nostance:1] Battle Stance

Warrior bandage (too many mobs): I've run into many situations where I bit off more than I can chew. Since bandaging needs to be channeled there is no way to bandage during combat, unless.... you use Intimidating shout. You have to stop attacking and shout then bandage. Simple stupid macro, saved me a lot of walks back from the graveyard when I was leveling.
/cast Intimidating Shout
/use Heavy Netherweave Bandage
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Re: Post your macros

Postby Proteuss » Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:01 am

THANKS EVERYONE for participating in this thread. I'm sure it's redundant in some way to what is already here, but maybe we can consolidate all the goodies for new members to pick and choose some useful macro's.
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Re: Post your macros

Postby Proteuss » Thu Aug 07, 2008 7:27 am

I use a few macros on my hunter for grinding, with my piggy, and in PVP. eI apologize that these might be kind of obvious.
Hunter Macros

Simple attack macro. This macro has replaced my hunters mark icon. I use it when switching targets or initiating combat.
/cast Hunters Mark

Healing your pet: Dranei are arguably one of the better solo hunter races because of their HOT when grinding.
/cast [target=pet] gift of the naaru
/cast mend pet

I'm sure there is an assist focus out there, so you can set focus to a tank and click assist as they kill targets.
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Re: Post your macros

Postby Halleck » Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:38 pm

Let's please try to let this remain a useful thread.
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Re: Post your macros

Postby Homieg » Thu Aug 07, 2008 5:42 pm

Pally Tank

-makes righteous Defense act as a taunt.
Code: Select all
#showtooltip righteous defense
/cast [help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget,help] Righteous Defense

-Tells how much avoidance % you have
Code: Select all
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Need 102.4 combined avoidance. Currently at:",0.8,0.8,1)
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance()+5+(GetCombatRating(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL)*150/355 + 20)*0.04,1,0.5,0)

Pally Misc

-types in chat who is being rezzed
Code: Select all
#showtooltip Redemption(Rank 5)
/say <<REZZING %T>>
/cast Redemption(Rank 5)


-Cycles though dots and casts them on click
Code: Select all
/castsequence reset=10 Corruption(Rank 8), Curse of Agony(Rank 7), Siphon Life(Rank 6)

-Types in chat who is being summoned and to were
Code: Select all
/script local C; if(GetNumRaidMembers()==0) then C = "PARTY" else C = "RAID" end SendChatMessage("Summoning %t to << "..GetMinimapZoneText().." >>. Please assist.", C)
/cast Ritual of Summoning
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Tainted Core Macro

Postby Proteuss » Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:45 am

Recently we needed this macro in SSC:

Tainted Core: Macro which pings map to your location, notifies your target if they are too far away, or if they are close enough, it will toss the core to your targeted friend. (Specifically designed for the Lady Vashj, fight in SSC.)
#showtooltip Tainted Core
/use Tainted Core
/y <----- TAINTED CORE TO: %t !!!
/s <----- TAINTED CORE TO: %t !!!
/script SendChatMessage("!!! YOU HAVE THE CORE !!!", "WHISPER", "Common", UnitName("target"));
/script Minimap:PingLocation(x,y);

Redundant post to consolidate useful macros.
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Re: Post your macros

Postby Vizharan » Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:15 pm

/use [nomod] Conjured Manna Biscuit
/use [nomod] Conjured Glacier Water
/use [nomod] Conjured Croissant
/cast [mod:shift, btn:2] Conjure Food;[mod:shift] Conjure Water;[mod:alt] Ritual of Refreshment

nom nomz
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Re: Post your macros

Postby Siris » Mon Aug 11, 2008 5:03 pm

Vizharan wrote:/use [nomod] Conjured Manna Biscuit
/use [nomod] Conjured Glacier Water
/use [nomod] Conjured Croissant
/cast [mod:shift, btn:2] Conjure Food;[mod:shift] Conjure Water;[mod:alt] Ritual of Refreshment

nom nomz

Just for clarification, Mage macro, regular left click eats and drinks conjured food(replace names with whatever type of food you have conjured), shift right click to conjure food, shift left click to conjure water, alt click to throw down a table.

I think thats right.
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