Kassandrà - Warlock (Destruction)

Kassandrà - Warlock (Destruction)

Postby kass1567 » Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:34 pm


1) What is your character name? * : Kassandrà

2) Class * : Warlock

3) Primary Talent Specialization * : Destruction

4) What is your age? : 24

5) What is your location and time zone? * : Pennsylvania/US Est

6) What is your level of raiding experience? If you have experience experience pre-MoP, please let us know! * : I did a lot of raiding during Wrath. I did some raiding not to long after Cata came out but then I left WoW until this past Nov. because I had a baby. I have not done any Normal mode raiding only LFR in MoP.

7) How did you learn that we were recruiting? Another website? Word of mouth? Something else? : I was told you weren't but that I could apply anyways.

8) What previous guilds have you been in and why did you leave? : The end of Wrath-Cata I was GM of Corrupted Element when I came back in Nov. I was in Sinergy I left because of the drama,immaturity,ect. Currently GM of Unbound Prophecy (not an active guild just really an alt guild)

9) We raid on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00pm to 11:30pm eastern. Do you have any conflicts that may affect your availability or attentiveness during these times? * : The only thing that would affect my availability at this time is if something happens with my daughter.

10) If there is anything else you think we should see or know when reviewing your application, please tell us here. (e.g. Any Butchers that may be able to vouch for you, etc.) : This Character is more of an alt ...... I have several 90's..... Main is Applebotum
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Re: Kassandrà - Warlock (Destruction)

Postby Halleck » Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:18 pm

Thank you for your application, Kassandra, but as I mentioned to Frisco, we're getting tired of the faction imbalance and will most likely be transferring servers before long.
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