L2Ptv Open 4.3 guides, Looking for feedback

L2Ptv Open 4.3 guides, Looking for feedback

Postby ChrisL2Ptv » Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:52 am

After months of development and contributions from many of the community's best players, www.l2ptv.com has officially launched. We have a large contributor pool from top 100 guilds such as Method, Vodka, Eminence, Tys, Vigil, Eternal Reign and, Pie Chart as well as others. Ours is a simple idea that addresses a big problem in the raiding community. Veteran players are frustrated with the lack of new talented players, and beginners need a user friendly site that gives them the tools to build a strong foundation for their game play. As an established guild, we would like to give your members the opportunity to review our site. Be sure to check out the Boss Strategies and the Class Guides which are open to the public!

We have step by step guides based on class and, spec against each current end game boss on both normal and, heroic difficulties. More than just damage rotations and general boss mechanics our fully voice over PoVs explain in game decision making and, fight preparations that separate the top 100 guilds from every one else. Our goal isn't just to teach people what to do in a fight but explain all the why's and how's to excel in end game content. Rather than spending hours filtering through all the noise and misinformation out there we brought it all to one spot. To have the best guides we hired the best players. All of our guides are created exclusively by high end players that have first hand knowledge of what works and what doesn't.

Any feedback would be welcome, let us know what you like!

Thank you,

Chris Roth
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