Meat in butcher's shop not gluten-free

Meat in butcher's shop not gluten-free

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But there are problems buying meat in general in a butcher's shop. In fact, while I can buy gluten-free sausages, I don't know any way of getting unprocessed meat that is guaranteed gluten free. The problem of cross-contamination may be getting bigger in butcher's shops, as many butchers seem to be selling meats which are marinated with various sauces.

This problem became apparent to me recently when I spotted some pork-ribs and wanted them cut in a butchers. Just before he put it on the slab, I asked him if any of the other gluten-containing food had been cut on the slab (including the regular gluten-containing sausages). He said that it certainly had. So he was almost certainly about to gluten-contaminate my meat while cutting it on front of my eyes!!This was about to happen be on front of my eyes, and could always be happening anywhere behind the scenes.

This is potentailly a serious problem and will potentially be getting worse. The obvious solution is that butchers begin a practice of labeling their meats gluten-free, which would require them to develop practices to ensure that it is gluten-free.Any thoughts? Does coeliac society know of any butchers who are labeling their meat in general as gluten free? Maybe we should start rewarding/pressuring them to do so.

Please help

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